Syntacts is a haptic rendering framework for vibrotactile feedback. It eliminates the need for expensive haptic controllers or custom electronics by leveraging commercial-off-the-shelf audio interfaces. As a complete package, Syntacts provides the software and hardware needed to interface audio devices with low latency, synthesize complex waveforms, and amplify signals to appropriate levels.


Whether it’s the audio jack on your laptop or a high-end multi-channel sound card, Syntacts gives you the ability to connect to virtually any audio device. From there, you can load or procedurally generate vibrational waveforms and play them in real-time on any number of outputs. Programming APIs are provided for C/C++, C#, Python, and Unity, and a responsive GUI lets you design, visualize, and play cues with ease.

Syntacts GUI


Whereas Syntacts software handles getting waveforms from your application to your audio device, the Syntacts amplifier transmits signals from your audio device to your actuators. With fully differential inputs and outputs and a linear architecture, the Syntacts amplifier is purpose-built for driving high-density tactile arrays with minimal noise.

Syntacts Applications